New ArKitect version available

We are very proud to present our arKItect 4.0.2 and arKItect SEA 5.8 releases. arKItect 4.0.2 release note : See the note here – Concurrent Undo/Redo – Improved ergonomics – Improved Message Sequence Charts arKItect SEA 5.8 release note : See the note here – Extensive and adaptable model anomalies reporting – Improved functional chains Read more about New ArKitect version available[…]

arKItect SEA key advantages for Systems Engineers (details)

Productivity through ergonomics, automation, and product line management o Automated generation of all Systems Engineering documents o Support for product line management: a single SE model can handle many configurations for many products. o Powerful ergonomics from arKItect platform – Quality and guarantee of coherence and completeness: o Coherence of all diagrams and structures of Read more about arKItect SEA key advantages for Systems Engineers (details)[…]

Is ArKitect graphical interface a silver bullet?

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” But if you don’t understand a single word a thousand will not help. 心脏是一种在人类和其他动物都有的肌造器官,它的功用是推动循环系统中血管的血液。血液提供身体氧气以及养分,同时也协助身体移除代谢废弃物。心脏位于胸部纵隔腔的中间部位。 If you got a graphical view, life start to be easier You guess what is it about. And with a simple table you start to understand. Fred Brooks argues that there is “No Read more about Is ArKitect graphical interface a silver bullet?[…]

arKitect Designer, the sharpest “DSL factory”

Göknur SIRIN thesis project Supporting Multidisciplinary Vehicle Modeling:Towards an Ontology-based Knowledge Sharing in Collaborative Model Based Systems Engineering Environment was presented on 2015 march the 20th. Part of the thesis project was accomplished using arKItect Designer : “arKIitect© SE tool has been chosen to illustrate the proposed methodology. This tool has been chosen because it Read more about arKitect Designer, the sharpest “DSL factory”[…]

-2015- CSDM Conference

Our company Knowledge Inside (KI) has participated on November 23-25 2015 in CSDM 2015 Conference (Complex Systems Design & Management) as a partner of CESAMES the company organizing CSDM . Samuel Boutin, founder of KI, presented to the audience a customer example in the automotive industry, the Renault company which deployed our software arKItect to Read more about -2015- CSDM Conference[…]

Jan 29th 2014 / The simulation model factory  with  arKItect

Kick-off of the COCTEL project on January 29th 2014: COCTEL is a research project leaded by Renault and supported by ADEME, a public organization supporting research on carbon emissions reduction and other environmental issues. The project focuses on applying Model Based Design and Simulation to electric traction. In this project arKItect is used to build Read more about Jan 29th 2014 / The simulation model factory  with  arKItect[…]