arKItect SEA covers fully Systems Engineering Core processes:

  • Operational Analysis
  • Requirement Management
  • Functional Architecture
  • Physical Architecture
  • Document or structured information generation toward downstream processes and feedback import.

You can interface arKItect with legacy requirements management tools by ReqIf import/export

arKItect SEA key advantages for Systems Engineers

  • Productivity through ergonomics, automation, and product line management
  • Quality and guarantee of coherence and completeness
  • Management of complexity
  • Support for legacy
  • Strong return on experience

For a detailed explanation of key advantages, click here

For a look and feel of navigating into an SEA model, browse in this sample HTML export:

Illustrative example of a Laptop

How to navigate in this export

Warning : look at the supported browsers  for full functionalities

For samples of document generation,
and  explanation  of the various documents needed
by system engineers, 
please look at this page:                               
Documents Word et Excel