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“I currently use arKItect Designer in a project with Renault (…)” Access the full story

Andreas Hein, Centralesupélec


“An essential feature of arKItect: Immediately highlighting interface inconsistencies on the graphical      presentation, such as unproduced inputs, (…) or an unconsumed output (…)”  Access the full story.

Gauthier Fanmuy, ADN


“We really appreciated the availability, responsiveness and most of all the skills of the people. Their    expertise in the safety field is combined with remarkable programming proficiency which allowed us to  reach an operational, innovative and promising prototype (…) Access the full story.

Gilles Deleuze, EDF

“… We thank Knowledge Inside for the concretization of the PjBS outcome through a software that connects formally the project plan …” ” Access the full letter

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