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arKItect SEA

arKItect SEA

arKItect SEA is an arKItect platform configuration for Systems Engineering.
So it benefits of the advantages of arKItect platform and approach to system thinking and modeling, see arKItect platform (see arKItect platform and arKItect designer page).

Quick overview of SEA (video)

arKItect SEA covers fully Systems Engineering Core processes:

  • Operational Analysis
  • Requirement Management
  • Functional Architecture
  • Physical Architecture
  • Document or structured information generation toward downstream processes and feedback import.

You can interface arKItect with legacy requirements
management tools by ReqIf import/export

arKItect SEA key advantages for Systems Engineers

  • Productivity through ergonomics, automation, and product line management
  • Quality and guarantee of coherence and completeness
  • Management of complexity
  • Support for legacy
  • Strong return on experience

For a detailed explanation of key advantages, click here

For a look and feel of navigating into an SEA model, browse in this sample HTML export:

HTML export (web)


Illustrative example of a Laptop

How to navigate in this export

Warning : look at the supported browsers for full functionalities




For samples of document generation,
and explanation of the various documents needed
by system engineers, please look at this page:

→  Word and Excel documents




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