arKitect Designer, the sharpest “DSL factory”

Göknur SIRIN thesis project Supporting Multidisciplinary Vehicle Modeling:Towards an Ontology-based Knowledge Sharing in Collaborative Model Based Systems Engineering Environment was presented on 2015 march the 20th.

Part of the thesis project was accomplished using arKItect Designer :

“arKIitect© SE tool has been chosen to illustrate the proposed methodology. This tool has been chosen because it has a meta language definition system, a diagram definition system and modeling tool.
The language is formed of a very compact syntax allowing to specify UML SysML diagrams and many others as needed for DSL design. One of the most powerful features offered by this type of tool is to have all the life cycle phases of the System Engineering process (RFLP). This means that this single model offers therefore traceability from the early requirements to the system architecture whereas most commercial tools only focus on one or two phases.”

The thesis Siria Goknur is available here