4 October 2018


Systems Engineering (SE)
Develop skills with our training services
Manage consistently SE data
Design and maintain Requirements
Design and maintain functional and physical architecture
Ensure link/traceability between SE data and verification/validation/qualification
Manage product lines
Generate System specifications and SE documents

Dependability Analysis and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety)
Develop skills with our training services about modeling HARA, FME(C)A, Fault Tree, Safety Goals…
Build RAMS tools
Develop a digital Safety Case
Ensure consistency between RAMS and SE data

Projet Management
Prepare a bid proposal
Build a project plan
Produce project development plan documents
Build supporting tools for project monitoring

Information systems
Integrate various data sources at semantic level
Create quality indicators and ensure consistency
Build a consistent mapping between BOM and digital mockup
Build a prototype for engineering applications (generalization of Excel capabilities)

Develop skills with our training services in developing data models and applications
Develop a bespoke architecting application
Develop an application for modelling a complex system

Ecosystems, Systems of Systems, Big data
Integrate various data sources (open sources, commercial sources)
Build services for an ecosystem (PSS)
Design a platform based on geolocalization