Breakthrough technology
for Data Integration

Digital transformation starts with making all your data consistent:
Your various backbone databases and authoring applications don’t talk to each other, then a wide variety of non-maintainable Excel™ files are build, no overall vision is available…
Structure, Organize, Visualize, Analyze and Operate your data lake with our solutions!

They trust us

Our Data integration platform arkitect

-          Easy to use – because  of our ergonomics and simple foundations  

-          Easy to validate – Wysiwyg through our powerful visualization technology

-          Agile – start small and grow fast

-          Consistent – rely on formal logical foundations of our technology

-          Opened – get and put data through open APIs

-          Resilient – through configuration management and upgrades management

-          Universal – systems are made of systems in interaction: that perfectly fits our modelling approach.


Our Data integration platform arkitect

Our Products

arKItect Designer

arKItect Designer

Our smart data integration plaform. Beside PLM data lake, Systems Engineering data, Project Management data, you can integrate about any information sources and get a consistent structure, organization, visualization of your data, emphasizing all problems or building new apps.

arKItect SEA 

arKItect SEA 

Manage consistently Systems Engineering data: manage consistently requirements, functions, flows, components, interfaces, tests… and all their relationships.

arKItect WBS-Builder

arKItect WBS-Builder

Manage consistently Project Management data: manage consistently product tree, work breakdown structure, processes, organization, risks, costs… and all their relationships.


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