Hello, we are Knowledge Inside.
For 18 years we have been improving arKItect, an easy and intuitive tool (MBSE, process, architecture...) used by systems engineers who want to work efficiently. arKItect is collaborative, and based on simple and logical rules. Its viewpoints and views are generated automatically which ensures your data consistency. You can quickly configure it according to your own processes and approach.

  • Alexandre Betis<br/>Principal Business  Development Manager, Signalling Business Unit (Ansaldo)

    arKItect® is the tool we had dreamed about for managing our specifications...
    Traceability of flows, consistency of data, generation of documents,collaboration,... adapted easily and quickly in our teams.
    Other tools.. e.g. based on UML or SysML do not focus enough on interfaces.
    Their approach is software design centric and not adapted to system design.
    The main arKItect® functions we use, beside modeling our system (architecture, interfaces, requirements) are document automated generation, and comparison between models.

    Alexandre Betis
    Principal Business Development Manager, Signalling Business Unit (Ansaldo)

  • Emmanuel Laurain, E-powertrain system architect (Renault); Joe Matta, Project Manager (Knowledge Inside)<br/>RITF2012

    Since 2012 MBSE (…) has been implemented by the Renault DREAM division with the arKItect environment from Knowledge Inside on Research and Advanced Engineering Electrical Powertrain projects. In itself, the Electrical Powertrain is a complex system, that can be divided in subsystems, each available in many variants. Consequently, many actors have to work together for design, optimization, justification, and capitalization, including system
    architects, software architects, and design agents for each sub-system and component. A system representation has then been formalized and maintained for complete system, as well as for its subsystems.

    Emmanuel Laurain, E-powertrain system architect (Renault); Joe Matta, Project Manager (Knowledge Inside)

  • Andreas Hein<br/>Researcher /  Systems Engineering<br/>CentraleSupelec

    I am working …… for almost 10 years in various places such as the European Space Agency, Technical University of Munich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CentraleSupelec….
    The capability of arKItect Designer to easily and quickly creating a meta-model graphically is impressive...
    From my personal experience, the turn-around time for creating a meta-model and using it in arKItect is orders of magnitude shorter than in comparable tools.

    Andreas Hein
    Researcher / Systems Engineering

  • Yann CHAZAL (Renault); Philippe TOUSSAINT (Knowledge Inside); Do - Hieu TRINH (Bouygues E&S)<br/>CSDM 2016

    arKItect SEA has been used by Renault and Bouygues Energies & Services to manage SE processes of a Batteries for Buildings (B4B) system (...) a concept reusing batteries of electric vehiclesas a storage facility for energy management
    The project started in 2012, was completely new from many viewpoints. In order to overcome these challenges we have established a common SE model addressing the SE process: managing all SE data in a modeler, managing data consistency (requirements allocations, functional and system architecture), generating all specification documents toward developers and suppliers, enabling safety analysis faithfully with SE model.

    Yann CHAZAL (Renault); Philippe TOUSSAINT (Knowledge Inside); Do - Hieu TRINH (Bouygues E&S)
    CSDM 2016

  • Christian MARIE & Gilles BEUZELIN (AREVA); Eric NICOLE & Samuel BOUTIN (Knowledge Inside)<br/>CSDM 2016

    In 2015 with arKItect WBS-builder, Technicatome (Areva) investigated a Model Based approach for setting up the Work Breakdown Structure of a nuclear plant project performed in collaboration with other key industrial partners of the energy domain.
    Problems to be solved included:
    - Manage collaboration between several industrial partners having their own processes, methods and approaches.
    - Generate the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Work Packages Descriptions (WPD) for the project.

    Christian MARIE & Gilles BEUZELIN (AREVA); Eric NICOLE & Samuel BOUTIN (Knowledge Inside)
    CSDM 2016

  • Gilles Deleuze, EDF

    We made an experiment with Knowledge Inside about the compliance between the arKItect platform and our safety engineering tools.

    During this research we really appreciated the availability, responsiveness and most of all the skills of the people with whom we’ve worked .
    In fact, their expertise in the safety field is combined with remarkable programming proficiency which allowed us to swiftly progress and reach an operational, innovative and promising prototype

    Gilles Deleuze, EDF

  • Alain Roussel, chairman of INCOSE French Chapter (AFIS)

    PjBS (Project Breakdown Structures) working group ... gathered during 4 days in 2015 participants from Accenture, Airbus, Altran, Areva, C-S, DCNS, Knowledge Inside, Schneider-Electric ....
    INCOSE French Chapter considers the PjBS working group outcomes has a very high potential of improvement of the coordination between engineering and project management in companies... The synchronization of the PBS and WBS development is a key lever for improving performances in industry and for managing projects that tend to be always more complex.
    We are grateful to Knowledge Inside for their initiative and for providing a solution...

    Alain Roussel, chairman of INCOSE French Chapter (AFIS)

  • JL Durand, Thalès Alenia Space<br/> ESI HYBRID TWIN SEMINAIRE, 28/11/2017 TOULOUSE FRANCE

    In the context of a project "PMO Toolkit" with arKItect WBS-Builder in which all project management artefacts are modelled including PBS, WBS conclusions
    Advantages :
    - complete modelization
    - an easy verification of the full consistency through the tool
    - a document fully consistent,a flexible way to modify the model (directly through ArKitect, through the input/output WPD format)
    - High reactivity of K-inside to support debugging and file generation

    JL Durand, Thalès Alenia Space

  • Régis Casteran

    "What I like most about arKItect is its ability to offer the same mechanism for generating diagrams and verifying data consistency, regardless of the data model. arKItect represents for me the solution allowing me to define complex functional architectures (beyond a dozen functional interfaces) with safety and security constraints, in coherence with the operational and physical architectures, and in connection with other modeling and simulation tools"

    Régis Casteran

    Systems Engineering Expert (Expleo Group)

    Our Data integration platform arkitect

    Our Data integration platform arkitect

    -          Easy to use – because  of our ergonomics and simple foundations  

    -          Easy to validate – Wysiwyg through our powerful visualization technology

    -          Agile – start small and grow fast

    -          Consistent – rely on formal logical foundations of our technology

    -          Opened – get and put data through open APIs

    -          Resilient – through configuration management and upgrades management

    -          Universal – systems are made of systems in interaction: that perfectly fits our modelling approach.


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