arKItect Designer is a data integration platform enabling structuring, visualizing, and operating complex set of data stemming from various legacy sources (Excel™, database, web sites, xml…) or edited directly through arKItect collaborative interface.

This is our users talk about it the best:

“…From my personal experience, the turn-around time for creating a meta-model and using it in the tool is orders of magnitude shorter than in comparable tools…” Andreas Hein, CentraleSupélec

Key  Features

  • Fast data model development
  • Develop your first application in minutes
  • Easy to use without software background
  • Quick views and visualizations
  • Native Data Model consistency checks
  • Collaborative


  • Smart import for legacy data
  • Extensive python API
  • User administration
  • Native objects and database configuration management
  • Opened to import and export all your data

Key Advantages

  • Intuitive tool with short learning curve
  • Powerful import/Export technology
  • Immediate hierarchical visualization of your data
  • Guaranteed consistency of all data and their relationships
  • Native traceability through data consistency management and revision management
  • Agile datamodelling and scripting enabling rapid prototyping
  • Programming interface, e.g. Automated generation of documents through extensive python API
  • Automated update and consistency of all diagrams for all users after each user modification
  • Return on experience and expertise of support team

arKItect Designer is powered by arKItect platform by Knowledge Inside.