SEA 6.3 New Release Notes

We are very proud to announce the 6.3 release of our data model« Systems Engineering Advanced ».

This version will allow you to:

  • Manage the configuration of a group of model objects.
  • Format and generate documents based on these configurations.
  • Manage change requests and make an impact analysis and monitor their consideration.
  • Manage the messaging associated with the networks of a system.
  • Analyse the impact of an evolution on the functional chain of your project: you will be able to view all the objects directly or indirectly impacting your functional chain since its last release.
  • Manage the validation of your system through scenarios and test campaigns, the result of which are then propagated to all objects:tests, scenarios, requirements.
  • Benefit from improvements on functional chains, in particular the possibility of making visible the parent of one or more objects.

arKItect SEA 6.3, also benefits from the new functions of the arKItect 4.4.3 platform:

  • Saving / Restoring the graphic positions of a view
  • Merge object revision between projects
  • Use of a diff tool to better analyze the differences between 2 versions of projects
  • Improved Model Gateway import / export

Discover it here.