New release 5.1 arKItect

We are very proud to announce release 5.1, the new version of arKItect.

The new arKItect release includes new features that will allow two very important new capabilities with arKItect platform:

  • You can now design your system from functions to implantation in arKItect: 2D views capability allows managing geometric properties of objects, determine dimensions of objects (e.g. wire&harness definition and lenght, concrete volume, rooms surface…). This capability proves useful for wiring and harnesses definition, multiple networks design in construction (ventilation, high and low currents, signals, fluids, waters…).
  • You can now configure arKItect to support any diagramming language: SysML like tools, Matlab/Simulink, any modelica based language… Such capability was foreseen by Manfred Broy teams in TUM more than 10 years ago in their paper “Seamless Model-based Development: from Isolated Tools to Integrated Model Engineering Environments, Broy&al, see

Very happy to say that arKItect is the unique platform gathering all these possibilities.

For more information, our release here