How to start

Start small and accelerate at your pace


Training on Systems Engineering and MBSE (One day)

  • Get clear definition of Systems Engineering (SE) concepts and processes
  • Visit practical examples of main SE concepts
  • Understand motivations for Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Understand differences between SE and MBSE
  • Understand what is at stake in deployment of MBSE processes

Training in two days  SEA basics

design your complex systems in arKItect SEA, including:

  • Use cases & Requirements,
  • Functional and Physical Architectures,
  • Validation Plan,

use the features of arKItect SEA to manage:

  • Options & Variants of a product line in the same project,
  • Evolution of your project using Diff & Merge,
  • interfaces with XML, Word, HTML… using import / export tools.

arKItect SEA License

  • Nominative or floating licenses
  • For system modelling by system engineer
  • Heavy client under Windows
  • Centralized database for all project information
  • License is available in SAAS mode, renting mode or perpetual license
  • Coaching services
  • Modelling services for quick deployment