Christophe Filippi (CRESCENTO)

Christophe has spent his entire consulting career mastering complex organizations and systems in Aerospace, Automotive and High Tech sectors. He is highly specialized in the development of new products, the strategic contributions of Product Lifecycle Management and Systems Engineering to complex product development processes and the reduction of development time on large industrial projects.


Eric has been fostering engineering performance for more than twenty years, mainly in the automotive industry.
His added value lies mainly in the improvement of the overall engineering management system, both with a process focus (system engineering, project management) and with a people focus (training and coaching, lean management, technical decision-making workshops, visual management).

Samuel Boutin (KI)

Samuel has more than 25 years of experience in modelling systems and processes.He is cofounder of Knowledge Inside and father of arKItect technology and its applications in systems engineering and project management.


Angelo Guarnaccia (KI)

Angelo is senior application developer and is in charge of software components behind SEA and WBS-Builder applications

Arnaud Magne(KI)

Arnaud is a SEA consultant, he guides users to populate and maintain their System Engineering workflow in an arKItect database by structuring and labelling data.
He also actively takes part in SEA development analyzing user requests, specifying new functions and features to meet them.

Jérôme Vettese (ESI FRANCE)

Jérôme has more than 10 years of experience in helping clients on projects of all kinds: modelling, coaching in modelling, systems engineering, design of data model … On integration projects, he ensures the transformation of customer needs into new functions.

Xianle Wang (KI)

Xianle is a SEA consultant, who participates on clients projects on diverse objectives: modelling, supporting in modelling and in the use of SEA, identifying and meeting clients needs.
He is also a trainer for arKItect SEA.