We kindly ask you to send us an email at explaining the products you want to evaluate, your objective and your location.
Depending on your objective and context, we will propose the best approach for succeeding in your project:

  • Evaluation license
  • Training
  • Proof of concept or proof of value
  • Coaching and services
  • Licenses needs for deployment

We will also identify a partner that can discuss which solutions will help you realize your digitalization project.
If you know what software solution will optimize your company’s products and processes, you can buy it directly from us or from a partner depending on your location.


We propose packages of 10 licenses at the price of one for any of our products for Education purpose.

  • Data Model and Data Modelling
  • Systems Engineering with samples
  • Project Management with samples

Send us an email at for additional information


Our technology is free of charge in SAAS mode for assessment by research teams or non-profit organization under following conditions:
– arKItect Database shall remain under 10 000 objects and attached files under 10 Go.
– The data model and data that will be issued will be opened to Knowledge Inside and any tier in read-only mode.
Send us an email at for additional information


Are available on this link